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Our designer's approach to Capsule 00: PATH

Our designer's approach to Capsule 00: PATH


made for you











Capsule 00 is the first collection of PATH, and let me tell you, it's our love letter to gamers everywhere. We've designed it to be as aesthetically pleasing as a high score, engineered it to be as functional as your favorite controller, and curated it to contain the best community of creators and gamers on the internet.





Creating this collection was like a marathon gaming session - full of passion, grit, and a few rage quits. We scrapped so many previous iterations, but in the end, we refused to settle for anything less than epic.

Now, we want to share our journey and give you some insight into our (70% caffeine fueled) thought process.

Our ultimate goal is to craft the finest gamewear, starting with something our community can proudly support.

However, we identified two key issues in the market today.

1. A lack of gamer-centric brand

2. Limited fusion of lifestyle, aesthetics and gaming


No gamer-centric brand

As we scoured the streetwear landscape, we noticed that while many brands offer slick designs, they don't cater specifically to gamers. Functionally, the apparel isn't tailored to the gaming lifestyle, and it's challenging to express our passion for gaming while donning these brands.

Limited fusion of lifestyle, aesthetics and gaming

Conversely, specialised gamer apparel brands often display a passion for gaming, but their designs can feel overly intense or attention-grabbing. The market seemed to lack options that achieve the perfect harmony between expressing gaming enthusiasm and maintaining a versatile lifestyle aesthetic



Our goal is to create a collection that represents that starting point of a gamer's journey while keeping the design aesthetically adaptable and relevant. Determined to create apparel that would resonate with our fellow gamers, we prioritised high-quality materials and design structures that would make gamers wear our brand with pride and comfort.


Our first challenge was selecting the perfect materials and cuts for our creations. We sifted through countless fabrics to find one that felt like a gentle embrace with a cooling touch, perfect for those marathon gaming sessions. Our aim was to fashion a versatile wardrobe where garments could be effortlessly combined.

We embraced oversized silhouettes for maximum comfort and a gender-neutral fit. Our drop-shoulder design exudes a cozy, slouchy vibe, while a thicker ribbed collar adds structure. But we also wanted Capsule 00 to be inclusive of all sizes and body types, so we incorporated a baby tee option for petite individuals.

Every detail of Capsule 00 was crafted to ensure our gamers have a comfortable, stylish wardrobe they can flaunt with confidence, whether they're lounging at home or making a splash at an event.



Inspired by the origins of gaming, we chose the colors of the sky to represent the passing of time in games and how they mirror reality. The color scheme mimics the sky's hues during dawn, symbolizing the beginning of a new journey. We believe that these colors will resonate with gamers who appreciate the artistry and storytelling that goes into modern gaming.

But we didn't stop at just colors. We wanted a design element that connects the apparel pieces in Capsule 00. Initially, we experimented with topography graphics, which we thought represented the navigation and discovery that are integral parts of gaming.


However, we felt that this connection was a bit of a stretch for our first collection, and we wanted to be more minimalistic and element agnostic. So we asked ourselves, "How else can we make the apparel feel premium and high-quality while being minimalistic?" Our answer was to experiment with features like metal pins and embroidery. These additions add depth and texture to the apparel, making them stand out and feel more unique.

We wanted to create a physical product that was as innovative as the digital games that inspired us. That's why we added the PATH chip, a proprietary tech feature on all our goods. The PATH chip brings digital life to our physical apparel and is a unique way to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.



In the end, we hope that our efforts will result in a collection that you, our fellow gamers, will love. Capsule 00 showcases PATH's purpose to empower gamers to express themselves and their passion for gaming through their clothing choices and displays the innovation and attention to detail that we bring to the table. We're excited to share this collection with you and hope that it inspires you on your own gaming journey. We put a lot of time and energy into creating fantastic art and quality apparel for you. We understand that your opinions may vary, but we want you to know that we did this all for you.


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